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Teachers as Participants

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        Teachers as Participants   Covey, while staying at a hotel,  [1] noticed employees assisting clients, going far beyond the requirements of duty. One incident he relates is of an employee who was high up on a … Read More

Accountability and Teachers

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  Accountability and teachers   Mark Dynarski writes an article [1]which asks: Why is accountability always about teachers? He starts by saying that the focus of reform has been on teachers; reformers provide professional development, incentives, and probably punishments, all … Read More

My Father

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  My Father Now there was a difficult relation. When we are little children there are no problems since we simply do what we are told. As soon as we reach the age where we can think something happens and … Read More

Story about a Friend

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  A friend (Out of respect to his children I will not put his name)   When I first met him, I was teaching his daughters. We spoke briefly and somehow, I one day found myself at his home, which … Read More

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