Would an apartment hurt a tenant?

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Would an apartment hurt a tenant?

Would an apartment hurt a tenant? A few weeks after moving in to my new apartment, on Ridgecrest,  I noticed a smell when I arrived home from work. After wondering about it for a while I complained to the manager about it. She said she would see what she could do and the smell went away; for a few weeks. A little later I started having difficulties breathing through my nose, and often during the night I would have to breathe through my mouth. I would often feel sick along with that. At first I wondered if it was me, that is if I was getting sick, but day after day when I left the apartment the breathing difficulty went away. I complained to the apartment and but not much was done about it.  I complained to the code department, or spoke to them about it. One day I stopped having the difficulty with  breathing in the apartment. That confirmed that the source of the problem was in the apartment; its disappearance caused me to feel that the source of the annoyance had been moved.

It was however not the end of the problems with the apartment. New ‘smells’ were coming into the apartment. Some of them were really bad, so bad that at times I had to leave the apartment. I continued to complain about these ‘fumes’ which I felt were toxic. Sometimes they were in the apartment all day, getting worse throughout the day. Many times I woke up in the morning and found the entire apartment filled with a dense smell. There were times when something would feel like a small burst of tear gas. This concerned me since it was powerful; but it caused me to wonder just how that would get into the apartment.

I sent complaints to code, called the health department, but these did not bring a solution. Exposure night after night to those ‘smells’, vapors, and toxic irritants affected my health, and as a result I have had to visit the doctor. It was indeed a difficult time of my life. This continued for a year or more. Oh yes I complained to some of the authorities which I felt could do something about it but nothing happened to solve the problem. The apartment management was no help at all.

As time went on my concern grew for I knew I was getting rather sick and could only take so much of that. Eventually I wrote, under advice, a return receipt letter asking them to eliminate the smell. The smell stopped perhaps for a day and then continued. At one point mold came to mind but the changing smells could not be due to mold. Would an apartment deliberately hurt one of its residents? That does not make sense, although possible. They could simply ask me to leave.

Over time, I started feeling, because of several things which were happening, that the entire thing was due to powerful and moneyed person or persons. They felt that I should not express the opinions which I had, and coordinated an attack with the aim of intimidation; one which would hurt me. They would remain in the background, and so it would seem that what was being done was by another resident; in doing that the people responsible could stay out of view and have others do the dirty job.

The experience was hellish and not to be forgotten. There were a group of people, at the apartment, whom I felt were involved or knew what was going on. Those people were being given money, I think, and certainly were not motivated by  any deep dislike for me. They were not the ones who were calling the shot.

These people felt that my views on education should not be heard. But what are those views?

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