Two young black people and Michelle’s

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Two young black people and Michelle’s

This is about two young black people and Michelle’s. After leaving church today, I walked to the train station and on the way saw two young people. They were standing at first near the 7-11 at Adleta Boulevard then they walked towards the Dart seat. One sat down and the girl stood near him. She started running her hands through his hair; wonderful to see. To see these young people displaying such appreciation for our hair in its natural state was a beautiful sight to behold.

They were somewhat young; although many of our young people seem drawn to early relationships. Hopefully our schools, with the assistance of parents are able to provide the kind of great education they need to live a full life. Often our young people get into relationships and do not have the full equipment necessary for a quality relation.

Our churches can offer much assistance in this area but the assistance needs to be for parents so they can guide their children on the right track.

On a slightly different topic; it is necessary to say that I had been eating at a lovely restaurant today. Its name is Michelle’s Home-style Buffet; on Skillman. I enjoyed every minute of it; my first time there. Perhaps seeing an establishment which serves soul food, of such high quality, is what left the great impression on me. Chinese food and Mexican style food are delightful to eat, but often one wishes for one’s cultural food, so it was a blessing to find, by chance, this restaurant. The service was good, and so was the atmosphere. It was after leaving this restaurant that I ran into the young couple.

It is the first time I had visited the strip mall but there were things which were refreshing to see. There was a Church, Winner International, which had been the object of my going out this morning. The chapel was filled with lovely black people and I was completely at home. They swayed and danced to the music; that was followed by a sermon with a message on love; that I needed and hopefully I can carry that message into the day, the week and the year. A good day it was.

A person loves and enjoys all peoples of the world, but having grown up in one culture it is more than natural to feel at home with the ones who share that culture.

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