Would an apartment hurt a tenant?

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Would an apartment hurt a tenant?

Would an apartment hurt a tenant? A few weeks after moving in to my new apartmet I noticed a smell when I arrived home from work. After wondering about it for a while I complained to the manager about it. She said she would see what she could do and the smell went away; for a few weeks. I started having difficulty  breathing. I could breathe through my mouth but experienced great difficulty breathing through the nose. I would often feel sick along with that. At first I wondered if it was me, but day after day when I left the apartment the breathing difficulty went away. I complained to the apartment and little was achieved by that effort. I complained to the code department, or spoke to them about it. One day it stopped. That confirmed that the problem was something I experienced within the apartment.

New ‘smells’ were coming into the apartment. Some of them were really bad and sometimes I had to leave the apartment. I continued to complain about these ‘funes’ which I felt were toxic. Sometimes they were in the apartment all day, getting worse throughout the day. Many times I woke up in the morning and found the entire apartment filled with dense smell. There were times when something would feel like a small burst of tear gas.

I sent complaints to code, called the health department, but these did not bring a solution. The exposure to those ‘smells’, vapors, and toxic irritants affected my health, and as a result I have had to visit the doctor. Indeed that was one of the difficult times of my life.

There are numerous questions which come to mind and one of them is how does one make sense of it. At one point mold came to mind but the changing smells could not be due to mold. Would an apartment deliberately hurt one of its residents? That does not make sense, although possible.

Over time, I started feeling that the entire thing was due to a powerful and moneyed person or persons. They felt that I should not express the opinions which I had, and coordinated an attack with the aim of intimidation; one which would hurt me. They would remain in the background, and so it would seem that one or perhaps a few people were responsible; that way they could stay out or view, while others did the dirty work.

These people felt that my views on education should not be heard. But what are those views?

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