Forming Black Community Groups

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Forming black community groups.

I have looked to find black charitable groups in Dallas and found virtually none. When I googled reading club I could only find a woman’s or a sista group. That may be understandable since males are not given to certain activities that might be deemed unmanly. But when I looked for groups involved in charitable activities, I could find none either. It seems that many of the problems which we have can be solved partially or improved significantly if we would use the power of the group.

I saw this stated within an article: ‘Paradoxically, the Black community needs an engaged and effective church now more than ever. We stand on the precipice of an extinction level crisis. The growing generational, cultural; class and gender divide within the Black community, black on black crime and violence, single parent households, teen age pregnancies and parenthood, homelessness, hunger and food insecurity as well as the burden of mental and emotional health concerns do more than plague us. They jeopardize our very existence. Sadly, the crisis grows worse not better. And our deficits compound daily.’ [This article was written by Mr. Leo Hicks]

The article sets out in harsh and stark terms what he sees in many of our communities. After reading such an article I can only see the need for the formation of groups of people within black communities. Such groups would attempt to speak about the issues affecting us and try to find solutions to those problems. Let me say that there might be such groups right now, but I cannot find them. If you look at Mr. Leo Hick’s suggestion you will see that he feels the black Church can offer help with these problems and most of us share that belief.

But, if we take seriously the words ‘We stand on the precipice of an extinction level crisis’ I cannot see any reason for waiting until the black church is able to act in the way we need. That we can form groups comes out clearly in the ‘Fight For Dyett’ group. They show that group activity can make a difference to our situation. Sure we face difficulties, but it is only when we try to find solutions to these vexing problems that we, members, will find the need to look at ourselves and develop and grow.

Our life on planet earth is transitory and then the next generation comes along burdened with many of the problems which we found here. I envisage any meaningful group will have foundation principles of compassion, respect, honesty and justice for all, within its framework, and that using those guiding principles, try to identify and find solutions.

I am unable to find a black physician or surgeons. Which group of people would not wish at times to be attended by someone that can share with them in empathetic ways other people might not be able to. Increasing our professionals is something to which groups can address themselves, but people have to first meet and speak and during such discourse we may just pull from God his blessings to guide us.

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