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Injustice, a Terrible Wrong

Please read this through.

Twice in about two weeks, in late 2012 or early 2013, while walking along, I was stopped by the Dallas Police, each time being told that suspicion was the cause. I lived at the time on Gaston Avenue, and every time I left home in the day to take a run, the police would pass me. In spite of a vague uneasiness, I dismissed it. One night though as I left my home they appeared at a light and stopped. When returning from Walmart they appeared again. At that point I started feeling they were following me around. There were many other instances that I started noticing. At the time, every day when I left school, not at the same time, they would pass by as I waited for the bus. They would pass me by when I got off the bus to go home; their cars move quickly and it would be easy to miss. At the apartment, the managers had placed a camera system around the building. I started experiencing breathing problems and left the Gaston Avenue room and went to an apartment on Ridgecrest.

A nightmare unfolded for me on Ridgecrest. About a month after being at the Ridgecrest apartment I started having problems breathing, like the one I had experienced before on Gaston Ave. One peculiar thing, is that the breathing problem went away as soon as I left the apartment. The breathing difficulties left after much complaint. What followed was a period, of more than a year, during which there was a fume, a smell, an irritant in the apartment. What was troubling was that one of those fumes had the feeling of a light tear gas. I complained and the manager just looked at me, nicely, but nothing was done. There were times when it was difficult to stay in the apartment and sit down; whatever it was made it difficult to sit and read or study. I could not find any remedy for it, despite complaints to the manager.

Then came Mashty (not his real name); he started hanging out at the apartment and was always sitting outside a door with his phone an extension of his hand. During the summer, I would go for a walk and every time I turned from Ridgecrest into Eastridge, there was the police, like clockwork. Most likely Mashty had called them. It would defy any statistical theory to explain that in terms of randomness. Mashty started turning up on my visits to Walmart, time after time.  That again was no accident; it seemed like he only shopped there when I went there. He seemed to be on good terms with both Walmart and the police; again, no accident.

How does one explain what had been happening since early 2013? I could take it that the changed police presence around me was just the result of randomness. The fumes which filled my apartment for nearly a year would take far more to explain. In my best judgment, there were about five people who knew or might have known what was going on. I had thought of mold but the changing smell eliminated that as a source of the problem. For quite a while I was wondering just what was causing the fumes in my apartment. It took me a while to conclude that those fumes were the result of deliberate and intended planning and calculation. What really troubled me is whether those policemen who were so constantly around me, played a part, even an indirect one, in the placing of those substances which would release those fumes into my apartment. At first, I excluded that possibility. While I do not think the Police as such, can within ethically boundaries, do that to an individual, without profound reasons, it occurred to me that maybe a group of them could have been a part of what I can only regard as a horror.

Without evidence that is iron clad, I had to piece together my conclusions on the basis of what I saw and experienced during the four years since the inception of this nightmare.

So how does one explain the occurrences at the apartment, for surely there has to be a reason. I believe in the black people and their future, that we should respect ourselves and hair and I speak to that; in fact, I respect and honor all cultures.  Also along with that I am concerned about the state of minority education achievement; most reports have it that we are considerably behind. Where some blame teachers, I emphatically do not, blame teachers. The funding of schools and the poverty in some communities might be factors which explain why minorities are not doing as well as they can. My searching for understanding and looking for solutions caused me to read and write, mostly on my computer, the ideas which came to me. Somehow it came to the attention of a power group and that, is what led to the police presence, and the toxic fumes in the apartment.

The power group would be a group of insanely wealthy people who invest in for profit schools. Their biggest expenditure is teacher salary and to maximize profit they have to keep that down. An argument which supports and utter strong praises for teachers is not to their satisfaction. They probably decided that I should shut up, and then involved the police.  Along the way it seems that some of the police have come to feel that the material I am writing should be shared with them. The fumes in my apartment, to the best of my judgment, was intended to stop me from reading and writing at home.

I write to apprize people of what has been and even to some extent happening still. People can read and decide whether there is any truth to what is being said. I ask that you pass it on to another person to read.

There is much more to it than what is said here of course.

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