Injustice A terrible wrong

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Injustice A terrible wrong

Please read this through. My name is at the bottom

Since Late 2012 or early 2013 members of the Dallas Police have been, in my best judgement over several years, paying an unusual but intense amount of attention to me. The pattern of movements of their cars around me took on a change, much different from the normal ones. When it started coming to my attention, I was petrified and trying to determine a cause for their attention, for no one said anything to me. At the time I was living on Gaston Avenue. I started experiencing difficulties in breathing and could not explain it. This continued for a while, and any effort to determine its cause proved futile. Additionally, the person living besides me, I felt, was working with the police and reporting to them. These people, such as this one become abusive, since they think they have something over you. These are conclusions made slowly over many months and years. This led to a small level of abuse. I decided to leave. I moved to an apartment on Ridgecrest Rd.

What took place at Ridgecrest was, for me, a nightmare. The police presence became more intense, and I could only make some deductions as to its reason. At a school where I was working two of my flash drives disappeared, one after the other about two weeks apart, as soon as I left them unguarded; one within ten minutes of leaving it.

While working there, every day after school the police would pass slowly by. Now I did not leave school at the same time every day, but they were sure to pass, sometimes long after school was over; most likely checking up. Why.

People started following me around within the apartment compound. On the way to Dart which I take, there was sure to be someone who accompanied me. It was obvious that they were; some of them would be dodging around at the train station. One friend of mine, started showing up in my life and showing up on the train and train stations, at rather different times and places; just all of a sudden after years.

In the apartment on Ridgecrest where I lived I started having breathing difficulties, the same as I had at the one on Gaston Avenue. Because the breathing difficulties left when I left the apartment, I concluded that the problem was in the apartment. After a while the breathing difficulty stopped. A smell emerged in the apartment; when I came home after work it was there. I complained and complained, to code and the apartment.

Then came other smells or irritants and they seemed to last longer, became worse, and sometimes dense: they were all toxic I feel.  Often these substances made it difficult to even sit in my own apartment and read or write, something which I like to do. One of these substances seemed like a light tear gas; where could anyone get that from. They started filling the whole apartment. I complained to the apartment, and to health. A represent of the department came but before they come they have to communicate with the manager. By the time he came there was no smell in the apartment that day. It was at that point that I concluded that the manager knew what was going on. She may not have been directly involved, but at least she was completely aware of what was going on, for she had to be the one to tell the person someone was coming.

One summer I would go out and take a walk every day. On the way down the stairs from my apartment I would see Mashty, sitting outside with his phone at hand always. He could clearly see me. Every time I left Ridgecrest Rd and turned left into Eastridge there was the police. They showed up like that; somebody, most likely Mashty, phoned them.

These fumes, I believe, they would be there during the night also; while I was asleep. One morning I woke up to an apartment rather densely filled with gas or something close. No one should be subjected to that.

During my time on Ridgecrest I would go to Walmart and several times, would find there was a meeting. Since I went there at different times I concluded that Walmart was taking an interest, probably hostile, in me.


Mashty started appearing on my visits to Walmart, coming to the exact part of the store where I was. One day he came behind me in the checkout. When I got home I had no wallet. Sometime later Mashty came with the wallet telling me that I had left it in Walmart. My mouth had a really difficult time saying thanks. After I had given the manager a formal notice that I would be vacating my apartment Mashty appeared a number of times when I was at Walmart; in the early morning too, around 7:00am. One time he just stood and looked at me; he had his back to the wall and was looking in my direction. He did not seem happy with doing that.  Indeed, I feel Mashty was paid and told to do that, and maybe needed the money.

I left the apartment and after a few weeks from apartments I moved to my present one hoping that it would stop. I had been feeling ill but the stay short time away from apartments allowed me to feel better.

Yet, the puzzle about what had been happening still remains and cries out for an explanation.

What was the reason for what I perceived as intense police presence around me. How would one explain that my apartment had been subjected to gasses, irritants, some of them toxic, for more than a year, to the extent that I had been getting ill? The main operating factor, I believe, is the dollar, money. This story though; in the process of moving from Ridgecrest Rd to my present apartment I stored my things on Skillman. One day when returning from the storage, walking, I saw a police car, in the curve of the median, facing my direction. He stayed there and as soon as I had passed he moved, making it crystal clear that he, and others I guess, knew of my movements.

I had been reading, and writing mainly on my computer, and much later on my blog, about education. I felt that the minorities, black and Latino were not getting out of education what they needed. Teachers were being blamed, rather unreasonably, and in my writing, mostly on my computer, I supported and continue to support, teachers.  One reason why I read was to try and find an explanation for the education gap, and to see if there were solutions to it. The teachers were not the problem. Poverty was one of the problems. There was also a need for changes in the governing rules to allow teachers a bigger role in the schools where they worked and on advisory panels. There were remarkable examples, like Finland, which had addressed the problem, give teachers less class time and so allowing them time to get their work done; such as planning, consult with students and coordinating with other teachers. It would take some investing in poorer neighborhoods, like special children programs for young children, which would have the teacher to visit the homes of the parents to reinforce whatever gains are made.



Over more than a year it occurred to me that the purpose of the fumes which entered my apartment was to keep me from reading and writing in there when I was at home, weekends, after school, and on holidays. There are some very rich people who wish to invest in Charters and perhaps they did not like that support for teachers; their profit depends partly on keeping expenses low and disposable teachers are more to their liking.  It could also be that there were people who did not wish to improve the educational situation for minorities, even if they stated otherwise, and did not wish the public to be thinking about the issues. My reason for writing was hopefully one day to write something which would along with others foster dialogue on the problem facing us. For example, both black and Hispanic communities are in need of professionals like doctors. Basically the solution to the problem facing educators would involve reaching out to our politicians.

The most troubling thing is that of the role of the police in this. There are police associated with most apartments. If the police told the apartment that I was a threat, a lie if ever there was one, then the apartment would be under pressure to cooperate with police. At this point the police could approve an outside person, sent by the rich group, to operate the smells and gases which entered my room; ostensibly it would be to keep an eye on me.

They would have to place the substance in a well-chosen place to ensure the flumes enter my apartment, and is under the control of an individual. They would also place it somewhere I would not be able to find it; I searched but found nothing. It probably took time. Finding it would necessarily cause problems. This would account for the presence of the police around me; they with their superb communication and speed of movement would be able to tell anyone at the apartment that I had left work and was headed home; if anyone was working on placing those substances, they would need to get out and leave. Money had to be paid to people, the management of the apartment, to encourage their cooperation and huge lies had to be told to them about me; I think.  Money would have to be paid to people such as Mashti and others who followed me around. This would take someone with a fair deal of money. The people who were doing it at the apartment, were a front; there were others behind it who did not show their hands; they would direct from outside.

What I say about the police I do not say lightly for they are an important group to society. But they were so much around me that it was nearly impossible that they should not know about what was happening in the apartment.  Or perhaps a group of policemen knew but not all.

The Rule of Law

This implies that citizens should be free from arbitrary decisions by officials. The police force is not the law; they are law enforcement group. Congress make the laws and judges interpret them.

Why I write

This is an effort to combat any disinformation that may have been circulated about me. I am unclear about the reasons why the management of an apartment would allow a tenant’s apartment to be under attack by gas but I feel again that there was money behind it and huge lies were being told to people to cause them to go along with what was happening.

So then this letter is to present my side of the story.

Respectfully to dear reader. R Lewis. My twitter handle is @roneltron34; My website is

I have wondered if there is not abuse in this situation where police seem be following me around.

As a commitment to life and others I try to respect all cultures and people. My own black people are people whom I do support and admire our hair.

You will understand my deep concern when anyone, maintenance or others enter my apartment when I am not here. It almost seems like a hostile act considering what happened at the previous apartment.



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