Injustice; was there police abuse of power?

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Substitute Teacher or Spy



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Threat 1
People Entering My Apartment
People Entering my apartment

Threat Two


Sunday, August 24, 2014

Do police and others follow me around

Using non Traditional weapons



When it started


At the end of 2012 or the beginning of 2013, in winter, I was coming from Target going south along Haskell, having just crossed Ross when I heard something and looked back to see a policeman beckoning to me. He was near to a police car, and I was wondering just why he would be calling me. I reluctantly went back and he told me that he needed to see my license. To that I asked why, oto which  he answered I was under suspicion. I gave him my id and after scanning it he returned it to me him the ID and after scanning it he returned it to me; there seemed to be nothing wrong.

About two weeks later I was going to a nearby 7-11 when a bright light was directed to my face and I was told to lean on a car. It was making no sense, so I asked the police woman what was the reason, to which she replied that I looked suspiciously like someone reported to her; for the second time in less than three weeks that word suspicious was used in reference to me. She said the description was of a person wearing a black jacket, to which I replied that many people fit that description. She walked off entered 7-11,  but did not quite come back; did not say anything further to me. She was in her car smoking when I was leaving 7-11. Her behavior suggested she did not wish to pursue the matter. Twice in about two weeks, I had been stopped, and told there was suspicion regarding me.

During 2013, I would go for a walk, mainly in the late afternoon, and would notice that often as I would leave home the cops would pass by. It was notable, but I dismissed it.

I came home  from work one day to find my internet down, knocked down by my landlord  or his men while they were setting a camera system, on the outside and around the building where I lived; a building  which in my view no one would take the time to break into. Sometime later when my email server was working again there were no emails; as though they had been wiped out. That caused me some concern since I had left my motion detector on and there were no emails from it. If anyone had been into my room I could not tell.

One night early in 2014,  I left home went to the bus stop, a two minute walk, noticed  that a  police car drove up shortly after I got there stopping at the red lights at Gaston and Peak. I swear the same cop car was waiting on me when I left Walmart (Highy 75) coming back. At that point I started feeling they were indeed following me; why, I was rather uncertain.

Teacher or Spy

Meeting with the other Substitute Teacher to hold discussions


During this time, I started talking with another substitute teacher, and I would share my ideas with him. He gave his name as Br. Abdullah. We decided to meet and talk on black issues and about education; our first meeting was at the Dallas Public Library, the second at Plano Library and the others were at South Western Mall.

The first time we met at South Western Mall two policemen came in and stood a few feet away from us. It was puzzling and you could not miss it, for mall security normally walked around, but these guys stood near us and then left seemingly unconcerned with the mall.

Our last meeting took place at South Western Mall. The final meeting did not go well at all. He had a clear plastic container with grapes and went to the bath room to wash them, taking absurdly  long; I was about to go looking for him when he came out. He insisted that we sit side by side instead of face to face, to which I said no way. We  finally decided to sit at a corner of the long table. The meeting went terribly.

It was after I arrived home that I decided that he must have had a recording device which he put on in the bathroom. The device must have needed us to be closer so he wanted us to sit closer. My feelings about what was happening came slowly, months after it took place, for at the time I did not see malice in anything which was happening.

He was very likely an informer, who reported to some entity; his appearance and attitude changed when I met him later at a school the next time. In fact he seemed to be in a somewhat official position, giving some directions to another worker. I was met at the school one morning by a well dressed gentleman who shook my hand. Since no one shakes hand on arriving at school, I later asked about him and was told he was a plain clothes cop.

The substitute with whom I had been meeting gave his name as Brother Abdullah (email: Brother Abdullah [], telling me also that he was Muslim.


Utterances by Abdullah

Abdullah said things which at the time caused me to just did not fit in with what were doing; these would cause me to shake my head. Later they would fit into a meaningful pattern.  He said, for example, that I needed someone or others who could do it better than I was doing it. That puzzled since forming a group did not need any special persons or expertise. He also said that just as we were meeting there were bad people meeting and planning. In addition he said he would be making a lot of money. Months later putting those statements together would make me feel that he was working with others and who wanted the material I was working on to use for their own book.

After Abdullah and myself separated ways, the tracking really turned up. At the time I did not credit it to our separation. Like so many things the realization came later, much later. You see, in the first place, I could not credit policemen with wanting to hurt me, or take anything from me.

I had gotten a long term job at a school, and noticed that when I was waiting for the bus after school, the police would pass by once or twice. After some time I noticed that when I got off the bus at Live Oak and Carroll the police would also pass by; this took place on several consecutive days. Such timing is not the product of random occurrence.

This reached its highest level around March April of this year.

The police presence around me was clearly of concern but so was the fact that people were following me around. Firstly what had I been doing to merit such close observation by the police?

  1. I started having breathing problems but when I looked around could not find anything to account for it.
  2. I am sure one of the residents of this place where I live is able to enter my room when he wishes. This is Ivy Simmons and he can be found on facebook if some identification is needed. I lost my keys once and on the third day he came to me and told me he had found it. Yes.
  3. Two of my flash drives were stolen at my job; students don’t steal flash drives. If one took it then they were instructed to do so.



My information:


Residence (insecure for mailing): from 2012 (July ) – 2014

4326 ½ Gaston Avenue Apt A

Dallas TX 75246


This address is where the above things took place. I left and went to another apartment on Ridgecrest Rd.

The Apartment on Ridgecrest

The Apartment on Ridgecrest  Rd.


I moved from Gaston Avenue and went to Ridgecrest Rd and then the hell broke loose. The police continued to follow me around, with increased intensity; in addition people followed me around also. In some instances it was obvious, like when at the apartment compound a young man went to the back of the compound when I went there and returned promptly when I returned to the front. One guy would appear at different 7-11 shops where I went. He would also appear on the bus at times. Such occurrences could not be random or accident. After a while, and I objected, he stopped. Such experiences increased, and became distressing at times; which I think is one of the intended effects. On the very first evening at the new apartment, one of the residents arrived right behind me at the 7-11 nearby;  I knew then, he had been asked to keep check on me. He did not ever appear at that shop again.

Threat One

One day at the new complex, while in an apartment with a few people a young man said, ‘you get the message then’ and repeated it two times more. It made no sense but I could not get it from my mind. Later I concluded the message was for me; get what message?  One feels, is that someone wants to tell me he is the power and I am nothing; that I should stop what I was doing, writing on education.


Someone Entered my Apartment
Someone Entered my Apartment  

One day I came home (the Ridgecrest apartment)  and found three pictures on my computer of a person who had entered my apartment. The pictures were taken by the motion detectors. It was winter 2014 and he had on a thick coat with a huge bulge. I looked at the picture for days uncertain what approach I should use with them. On Saturday of that week I decided I was going to save a copy in another folder but discovered that it had been removed. It then became clear what I had suspected all along, that they had acquired access to my computer, the one which I left on at home, and could enter at any time and eliminate pictures which the motion detector had made. This established that they could defeat my security system, hence even if they entered I would have no evidence; unless they wanted me to see them.

Shortly after being in the new apartment a smell started occurring; after much complaint it went away. Then I started having breathing problem.  Was the breathing problem due to the apartment or was it me. Every day though when I went out the problem would disappear leaving me to feel firmly the problem was within the apartment. That also disappeared after complaints.  These problems then were due to things which people had put in place.

The Fumes in the apartment on Ridgecrest Rd

There then came other of these noxious smells or fumes and they lasted for hours each day, and they kept coming into the apartment for more than a year. They were terrible and at times it  was almost impossible to stay inside the apartment. There were times when I had to go out side and breathe.

I spoke with the manager, who listened but did nothing. I wrote to the code department but they said it was outside their competence.

The  new apartment is rather close to the Walmart on Retail Rd. to which I went often. After a while I noticed that when I went there they were holding a meeting. It seemed they held it when I went there, since I did not go there at the same time. Police started coming over to my side when I went to Walmart.   One night security just came and stood not far from me and just looked in my direction for some time. One policeman, quite the gentleman type, chose to walk with me one night as I went from front to the back of the store. One day the admin came and stood nearly in my path, perhaps to take a look at me.  This was their body language saying they were taking an interest in this nuisance.

When I started in twitter the answers slowly came to me as to why they were acting like that. Tweet after tweet showed that Walmart was investing in privatizing of public schools, their motive, profit.  They were one of the private people investing in education in ways which would bring profit to them. They and perhaps others, had been snooping on my computer and had taken umbrage about what I had been writing. I strongly disagree with blaming teachers and advocate greater teacher autonomy in schools, teacher participation, and improving education for the minorities; it is likely these ideas were not well taken by them; all for the matter of a few lousy million dollars. They viewed such ideas with resentment and so they attacked, in the place where I would be least able to defend, my home.

[This part is being written on August 14 2015: for the past two weeks the police do not seem to be following me as intensely.]


[This is written on November 28 2015.One more thing; in fairness to the police they have not been around me like first. Their presence has decreased some.]

There were about six people at the apartment who were involved with what was happening. They could and probably entered my apartment when I was out; no one would inform me of course. All of them lived near to me. This was not chance, and most likely  financed   by some big company. The police have a superb communication network, are at schools, on dart, and of course on the streets. It would be easy for the police to track me. It took time to set up the substances so the fumes could enter my apartment, yet not be discovered by me. The police could tell anyone that I am on my way from school, so if anyone is working on placing the substances they would know when to stop. One of the women seemed to know when I arrived at the gate.

Compromising me: was there police abuse of power

When I could stand it no more I called the health department and they sent a person; protocol demands that they inform the apartment management. The night before the visit, the fumes subsided and stopped, so that when the man came there was nothing to smell. That was when I knew the manager was in on it; to what extent I will never know. She would have been the one to inform the person who was responsible for the fumes.

A look at what was happening reveals a devilish plan to hurt me. They would by telling people to watch me, communicate that I was doing something bad, and so set people against me. It makes it easier for people to participate in hurting me, since, from the view they had I was a bad person.

If the manager knew about what was happening in my apartment that would change everything. The police would be one of the few entities with the power to influence her actions; of course money would also help. It has been a question in my mind if there was police abuse of power and authority in what was happening. It was not a formal order from the police department but most likely the work of a few police. t would seem there was some collaboration between police and Walmart, if Walmart was involved. Much of this whole thing needed financing; the people who followed me around, the manager would not be involved if they were not paying her, above ordinary pay.




Mashty started hanging out at the apartment complex on Ridgecrest Rd. with his phone seemingly attached to his hand. During one summer I would go for a daily walk, and every time I met the police were on Eastridge Street a few minutes after leaving my apartment. Most likely Mashty had told them. I think my apartment was entered a number of times, although I have no proof.  The tracking was intense.

Mashty would go to Walmart when I went there. One day he came in the checkout line behind me. When I got home my wallet was missing. Mashty brought it to me later saying I had left it there. I nearly choked saying thanks. One day, shortly after,  he was talking to a policeman, all smiling; he was clearly working with them and most likely with Walmart.

Before I left the apartment Mashty came to the Walmart a number of times while I was there. He knew when I was there it seems.

Threat 2

 Threat 2

One day a gentleman came to me (not at home), and after a short hello started telling me about told me about buildings which he said were used to put people. He spoke of one in Chicago; that one I had recently at the time, heard of. He told me that the states had them and they would put certain people into them. He spoke for some time, explaining to me that his relative who was in law enforcement had told him about the buildings. It was quite a talk lasting for a while. He then politely said bye and left me sitting with my jaw on the floor wondering about the purpose of the talk. It seemed to be a threat. I could not get him to speak with me again.

It took me years to put some meaningful connection to the pieces of what was happening around me, for at first I did not figure there was malice in the actions that I saw occurring. It seems that someone would use the power of the police force and the financing of deep pockets to stop a single man from writing and researching an issue of importance, education. Like there seems to be a racist element in it since many people write on this important issue. There are many others who are expressing similar views and are not subjected to near torture.

Twitter handle: @roneltron34

In about September of 2016 I departed the Ridgecrest apartment and went to Rowlett for a short stay then moved to the present apartment on Park Ln near Abrams. The police buzzed around me when I returned to Dallas and were right in front of the apartment when I started setting up. Oh, no chance that was.



In particular it seems that for minority students the education system was not doing enough. Blaming teachers seemed particularly senseless for teachers are under rules which are enforced. An attempt to stop me from writing on it goes against the first amendment; it is because of the importance of speech why the amendment took place so anyone who acts to stop such speech acts against the constitution of the United States. Presently education and how we treat it is one of the most important discussions the nation needs to have.

If any group of policemen are involved with the fumes entering my apartment it becomes a more serious act as then they are using a power which is meant to protect to thwart the constitution. That is abuse of power. If any private group is involved with what was done that is utterly unethical and in reality the law and the press should research it to find out if what happened.

China’s trade growth has been phenomenal and in order to meet such development our educational system will have to improve, in preparing more people for technolygy certainly but also in management and thinking more than before. A new approach to teachers will need to be implemented so they are treated with the respect they deserve and given the opportunity to participate more in education and the decision making process at schools. This is one of the key ways to harness the huge talent they possess and channel it to the betterment of our schools and America.

Using non Traditional Weapons
Using non Traditional Weapons   

For more than two years I have been experiencing sensations which are difficult to account for and the cause even more difficult to detect. I have felt they are using something which employs electromagnetic waves. After looking and searching it seems that they might be using a microwave weapon; this is something which can affect the neural system and God knows should never be used without a serious need. If I am correct they are using it, in my apartment home, and even in places where it should never be used.


What is the Main Reason why I write

What is the main concern that makes me write

There are a significant number of people close to me, who are not making it up the education ladder. In our community, the black community, we desperately need many more professionals; doctors, for instance, are greatly needed since many of us are troubled with diseases like diabetes. But truth to tell we need many more professional people in our communities: architects, surgeons, computer scientists are just a few; I do not see many of those. Far too often I meet a young man or a young woman, in early adulthood, who acknowledges they were in jail; it hurts every time one hears or sees it. These are people whom we would have very much liked to have had more productive lives. The education gap, between minorities and whites, is a constant on the internet; it does not stay there though; it walks through our streets and talks with us.

One huge reason for the NCLB was concern for the poor performance of minority students. In my desire to understand I started reading learned a number of things. It helped me to see that that it was unnecessary to put teachers under such pressures.

For the past few decades ‘reforms’ have been imposed on our schools,  but to date the gap has not been altered much. All the reforms seem to have one thing in common; blaming teachers and putting them under incalculable pressures to get students to pass tests. Teachers’ evaluations have even been tied to students’ performance on tests; an objectionable thing since student ability and performance vary so much it is impossible to determine any rational and consistent measure of the teachers’ contribution.

Why should I, a black person in education, not care about the academic performance of minority students when so many of us are not doing well? When so many of our young people are going to prison and losing their way. Why should I not be concerned about the performance of our young black students, or young Hispanic students.

Mr. Koretz in his book, ‘The Testing Charade,’ sums it up when he says: change can be made ‘if we summoned the political will and committed the resources to do so—which would require a lot more than simply imposing requirements that educators reach arbitrary targets for test scores.’  This political will can hardly be fired up if we do not have a discourse that permits everyone to share in it and to work out the direction our education should take.


One of the best ideas I have seen involves an early school program where the teacher goes to see the parent every so often to make sure that the parent is firmly in place and behind the child. The significant factor is going to see the parent so that both can keep on the same page. If a parent loses focus, and many circumstances in the parent’s life can cause that, the teacher can help to keep that parent on track. In affluent communities there is little need for this since they have an above ‘critical mass’ of educated adults, which is enough to keep the flame of desire burning brightly. In time, in poor communities, there will be less need for the teacher to make visits with the same frequency since the community will be able to generate and light its own education flame, but presently there is a gaping need for it.


Educational achievement for a child takes much more than passing standardized tests. The affluent parents put money and  resources into the education of their children; they read to their children when they are young, have small libraries, find tutors when the child needs it. A program which lets a teacher visit the home in poor communities, when the child is young, has a chance of success, because the teacher can help to keep the flame of desire alight so the parent, a moving force, does not get thrown by everyday circumstances.


It is my hope that a discussion can be engendered which would bring our opinions together and forge, with effort and thinking, the best schools we can; world class schools for everyone. And should anyone feel that only black people are affected they are wrong. In his book, ‘Coming Apart: The State of White America,’ Murray argues that a significant proportion of white America has fallen or is falling to poverty.


Teachers are fundamental to learning, but they have recently been treated harshly. They deserve respect, as much as any other professional group, and more autonomy than they presently have. Their participation in the decisions affecting education and their schools would give them the sense of ownership which would give them the incentive to invest more time and effort in their schools. Finland, China, treat their teachers with respect and they have high student performance.  They are the best ones to make day to day decisions to optimize student performance. Finland has kept teacher evaluation to a minimum; sensible thing to do as evaluation can lead to meanness in the workplace if not properly managed.

Of all the things that have been tried so far, attending to the needs of teachers seems to have been totally neglected. Chinese students do well in internationally tests and in China teachers are respected.

Very few people or entities would have the kind of money to pay apartment managers and influence apartment owners; to pay to have fumes enter my apartment for more than a year. Who would have motive to do it?  Who would have a relation of influence with the police force? It seems that only a privatizer with immense financial resources would have motive and money enough to pursue such a horrible course of action; unprovoked hurting of a human being. A Walmart is nearby, and seems to have taken an interest in my activities.  For them, the privatizers, control of the teacher is paramount and not education; they do not like unions as they wish to keep wages low and autonomy to a minimum. Were education of fundamental importance to them they would not try to interfere with my studying in my own apartment. Actions like that reveal quite emphatically that their interest in education is only in so far as it makes a profit. I have had police following me, people following me, pictures of people entering my apartment; these actions all suggests that decent sums of money and influence was passed around; all to quiet one little person because they do not wish to have this discussion. There is another thing though; they reach out to stop someone like me, because they fear no risk, yet there are others who freely discuss it. This makes it intensely racist and bullying. Which other poor person have they done the same to? Their willingness to do it to one person indicates quite clearly that they will subjugate education achievements of individuals to their profit. The discussion is of the utmost importance to all of us. No matter how rich and important these investors and privatizers are the state of the Nation and public education is infinitely more important.

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