Do you Like your Black Hair

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Do you like your Black Hair

A number of our women still wear their hair straightened. Why in this modern time are we still doing so is beyond me. There are times when I see a woman, black, caressing hair that is hanging down her back. Her own hair is so much more beautiful, but she chooses to hide it.

I have seen many natural hairstyles and they all look good, some stunning. Why would a woman, take her hair and practically destroy it by straightening it to get a hairstyle which does not suit her.

The reason why a woman would wear her hair straightened can only be because she wishes to belong to the groups that have straight hair. But that is just not possible. When we straighten our hair the other groups see us begging for acceptance. They may not verbalize it but they do.

We are not being forced to straighten our hair so it is by choice; so if we do then we have no confidence in our hair. Every time we straighten our hair we are saying we think our hair is not good enough to show on our heads. So we are saying that God did not do our hair right. That God gave to other people something better. Not true. When Angela Davis wore her Afro there was nothing better looking; anywhere.

But when parents wear their hair straight, they are saying their hair is not good enough, giving their own children a terrible inferiority complex. The child learns much at home and one of the things she or he will learn from a mother who straightens her hair is that natural black hair is not good enough.

Now I have to praise the many who wear their hair natural; much respects to them. If you want to look at a video on black hair just look at this: and also watch this:

You will find that black hair when done naturally is glorious, and there is never a need to straighten it. In fact there are a few books on Amazon which talk about how to do your hair natural. If you are proud of your hair then you should wear it natural.

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