Love, Marriage, and woman

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The consciousness of the individual varies considerably with age. A child might be in an event and not be aware of what is happening. When I was about ten years old the neighbor, a guy, announced to the neighborhood that he was going inside to chastise his wife. No one, none of the women within range of his loud announcement, said anything about it, although one feels they were not entirely happy with it.

A man once told me a story about a couple. The man was wont to beat his woman and one day he came home and gave her a particularly violent beating. She, at least this is what the man told me, cooked a pot of lye while he was in his drunken sleep, and poured it in his ears and over his head. It is difficult to have much sympathy for a person who does beats his woman. It is surprising that not much more men do not die like that; for that we have God and women to thank.

There was a couple, the man being a preacher, and one morning we were informed that the woman had hammered his head in his sleep. He, of course, never woke up. It is a pity that a person waits around so long that their anger reaches such dimensions and killing seems like the only solution. But it is a dangerous thing to take advantage of another, and assume that they will go on accepting humiliating and dehumanizing treatment indefinitely. Some men threaten women who try to leave, at least in the past.

Much has changed over the generations and now women are in the workforce hence less dependent on men; a good thing. One of the ironic things is that some women have accepted the attitudes of men, that they are entitled to act and behave in a certain way; that dominance and not respect is a measure of manhood. The Bible itself seems to support the dominance by men, and that gives pause for thought; did the God of Heaven decree one gender dominant over the other gender.

Women over decades and more than a century have fought to change laws and attitudes; they have borne pain in that time also. Their fight has affected society and caused men to take a second look at what is manhood. As a result, many males have changed their attitudes and ideas about man woman relationship. A good marriage is not the most common of things. Man and woman each by himself may be strong but in unity within a healthy marriage become much more than the sum of two people. They bless what they touch, home and children, and the community to which they belong. The Bible says, ‘A good wife is a gift from God,’ but one could probably say the same thing is true for a good husband.

A successful marriage is built on work, and the commitment of each partner to the other, to take the vow seriously to love day by day. Not an easy vow to keep, for there will be times when the wife or husband may not be easy to love at all. For those people who did not take the time to examine the kind of person they were getting married to, the marriage can easily end in divorce. If thoughtfulness and love were there from the beginning then the possibility of a long marriage is likely. There is no more blessed thing, but still it will not come cheaply, and that is like all good things.

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