We need more credit vending machines in Schools

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The Credit Card Debit Card Vending Machine

I noticed them first at the University of Dallas; machines which allow users to use credit and debit cards. The convenience is astounding since many people do not carry cash with them but every now and again would like a drink, or a snack. I believe one or two of the schools in Dallas and the surrounding districts have one or two of the machines but mostly available to the staff.

There is a problem with this though since in many high schools and middle schools one cannot find a card vending machine and often cannot get anything to eat since the little money some people have is on their card. What is worse is that the present machines offer very little variety.

Not so with the new machines; they offer much more variety with health consciousness at the top of the consideration in providing for the students and faculty. The new machines are used in many school districts in Florida and California and one has to wonder just when in Dallas we might be able to find more of them. There are some othe advantages also. They can provide the temperature inside and also provide inventory online thus allowing the authorized person to keep track of the contents and state of the machine.

These machines can be made to provide a good meal for the students, which the cafeteria staff can be trained to put in them. In both Florida and California, many school machines are designed to work with the cafeteria system allowing the students to make purchases with their ID cards. Thus, more students can be served and quickly while still complying to the health standards which are becoming common in today’s world.

For me it would be convenient since the commonly used coke machines in and around Dallas provide a rather limited fare and cash must be used. So just when are these schools in and around Dallas going to make greater use of the card reading vending machines.

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