The Police Following me Around

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The Police following me

On Monday March 5th 2018 I went to the Central library after school, only to find that the police were circling me, moving very close to me. This is something which they have been doing for years, and recently they had seemed to have slowed down but apparently have ratcheted it up again. I tried to get a picture but was somewhat slow.

There have been various people, who I think all work for the one entity, that follow me around. Friday last week after school I took the bus for the last leg of my trip home and there was Obnoxious on the bus. In order for him to do that he has to be informed and probably placed on the bus just prior to my getting on. There are two routes I can take home so his being there was arranged.

He has been doing this over time spread over more than a year. The locations are disparate and statistics does not allow for randomicity to account for it. I got off the bus and walked home stopping at Target on the way home. While this might sound unreal to a reader it has become sickeningly familiar to me and I feel that I must seek some solution to what can be a form of intimidation but which possess the possibility of danger for me also.

When I walked into Target the security was just walking in. There was also an African tailing me inside Target. When I was leaving security went and positioned himself a few feet from my path. The African was about ten seconds behind me.

I have been writing about education on my computer and it would seem that someone does not like it. Why exactly I do not know, but I can guess. Since I support and champion teachers recommending increased autonomy and improvement in working conditions I think that privatizers like Walmart do not like it. There have been, in my estimation, thousands spent to get people to follow me around. I am still thinking about what I can do to bring this to the notice of the public. About two years ago I had written to the District Attorney but not even a reply.

I know this sounds incredulous, but my conclusions are based on activities which have been taking place around me for the last five years. I, long time ago, made a complaint to the Internal Affairs of the police but their reply said that I had not provided the kind of evidence on which they could act.

There are many reasons why I write here among them is the hope that people will read and maybe ask questions which will cause this to surface to the light. I am sure the people responsible for all this are trying to damage, and severely so, my reputation. When security guards are asked to report on me, when the people who live around me are asked to keep an eye on me, that damages my reputation. Since this goes on without my being informed it is a deliberate attempt to undermine me, and it has malicious intent only. Perhaps in a while I can find someone who can help. I will try to seek put people who might be able to help. Not everyone likes injustice. With God’s help.

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