Reading is Vital for School Success

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Reading is vital for school success

One thing you can do for your child is to let him or her learn to work around the house. You can take time to work out tasks for them so they learn there is an obligation to work in life and that life will not give them much for free. If they learn to work then they will be more willing to do their school work and homework. A good work ethic is a must if your child is to succeed in life and you play an important role in helping them to shape it.

All parents want the best for their children and there is much you can do for your child, and only you can do it in the first years of your child. Over the years your child will study many academic subjects, reading, physics, chemistry, history and others. In all of these subjects English is a common thread which runs through them. The better the child’s reading skill the better the child’s school life will be. [1]




Reading to the child.




The quicker you pay attention to the child’s reading life the greater the child’s chance of doing well in school and in his or her life. One of the best things you can do is to read to the young child before they begin kindergarten. They may not learn to read but they pick up on a lot of word and their sounds. They unconsciously acquire a liking for reading and books since the love of their parents comes across when the parent reads to them.




Decades of research has shown that the more a child is read to when young by their loved ones the greater their reading ability when older. If you are reading this though, you realize the truth in this since the parents are making an investment in time and effort to read to their children often. It means in the mundane world going to book stores or going online to Amazon to look for books for them and purchasing those books or going to the library. Such effort will reap its reward for your little loved one. Listening to the parent read to them they lean about emotions like love, fear, and sadness. This is a safe place for your child to try on these emotions. Also the child is learning to associate reading with emotions and a lifelong love of reading can begin here.

The child needs to learn about 88,000 words by grade three hence you can see the importance of reading to the child when young. Of course this should never be turned into hard work but should always be an enjoyable pleasure. Some children begin school behind and many of them remain behind, trying to catch up. This affects them in every subject.

When the child is able to read it is a good idea to help her to choose books she likes. Reading cannot be forced on anyone and it can be a turn off when the parent with the best of intentions tries to choose the books for the child. So at that stage when the child can read take her to a book shop to look at children’s books or to a library and browse as much as you can until she finds something he or she likes. If they like the book the chances of them reading it is much better. What you want is to build a reading habit but you need to be sensitive to their reading needs so you let them lead. Picture books are some of the best for the beginning reader so take them to those books and let them take their time through them. The library is another place to find good children books and again let them choose what they want to read. Just about every one of us reads because we enjoy it and it is no different with young people. If the book gets them to turn the pages then you are on the right track. As they mature they will of their own accord change the type of books they read.








There are many opportunities for your children but you, at the early stage of your child must make the decisions that will later allow them to take up the career which delights them. Some of the main subjects your child will need are reading, history, chemistry, physics, biology. Many of these subjects are not really difficult but demand discipline study by your child. The earlier you begin to help her to set study habits the better for these will be with her for life. The study habits will make or break her.

So you might be able to think of the possibilities for your child here are a few:






Chemical Engineer,

Civil Engineer

Electrical Engineer

Computer Engineer

Mechanical Engineer






Some of the above fields will use mathematics and it may be a good thing to send your child to a tutor if at any point the child is experiencing difficulties with mathematics.


[1] Much of what I am saying about reading comes from the book ‘Proust and the Squid,’ 2007, by Maryanne Wolfe. This acknowledges that those ideas did not come from me but mainly from her. Her information on the vocabulary the child needs by grade three I found amazing and had no idea the child needed such a large vocab.

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