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When the Police Follows you Around

The main point here is to understand that these rich people are using the system to intimidate and shut down discussion of school privatizing. They do not want us talking about it.

You should read this Blog; taking away our rights of expression.

I seek to convince you that the police have been following me for some time now; more than four years. It started in late 2012 or early 2013, during the winter. At that time I was living on Gaston Avenue. Everyday I would leave home and go for a short run, and the police would pass by; there were times I would wonder but usually dismiss my thoughts of concern,  thinking it did not make sense. One night however as soon as I left home they were there at the corner at the light. Even worse after leaving the Neighborhood Walmart where I went to shop they were close by again. It was at that point that I started wondering if their presence was just a matter of coincidence.

No it did not stop. I moved from Gaston Avenue to Ridgecrest Rd and it got worse. In addition to the police people followed me around; one situation I went to the back of the apartment compound and this person went to the back returning to the front when I did. Yes he was following me; disturbing. That type of thing would take place over and again during the time I was there. The police continued to circle around me, very often seeming to accompany me home; on far too many days.

It was during this time that all hell seemed to break loose in my life. Nearly everyday there seemed to be some nearly toxic fume in my apartment, some of them seeming to be not the everyday thing an average person would have. In the beginning, I made no connection with the police who kept following me around. But after a time I began to wonder if there was some connection.

One day while in an the apartment of another person, a boy said, ‘you get the message then’ which he  repeated. At the time it did not make sense but after going home and thinking it occurred that he was saying it to me. Someone had told him to say that.

Now was that the only strange occurrence, during that time? No. One day between the hours of 6:00 am and 8:00 pm a person walked up straight to me and begun speaking after the merest salutations. It is one of those conversations, maybe a monologue, which left me utterly speechless. He told me, of how there are many large buildings across America in different states and the police would remove people from a city or other place and put them those buildings. He mentioned the one in Chicago, one which some people had spoken of. He had relatives, he explained, who were in law enforcement so he could be trusted to know what he was talking about, he told me. Now there was no mention as to why, unsolicited, he would share that information with me. I left and went home nonplussed. Was this just information he wanted to share or a warning; eventually I chose to think it was a message from the police. Of course I was afraid. There was not much I could do. .

I felt strongly about the despicable way teachers were being treated and made to be the reason for problems within the education system across America, and I would research and write about it.  But it seemed that someone was telling me to shut up on that issue or they would take me off the street; this person had a relative in some area of law enforcement so could this unexpected message be saying that they would take away my rights; but on what basis? I could not help thinking that would be a violation of everything the US stands for; just taking a person off the streets because he writes on his computer? One big question is how would they know I was writing anything at all?

The pictures below are of law enforcement and in one instance security which I suspect was checking on me. In the first one I  was going to work along the street when he exited onto the street at light speed; if not for the stop light he would have taken off in flight. Quickly I took a picture. Not the best pic but you can see it is a police car.

There is the police car which had just exited at warp speed from an apartment, nearly running me over in the process but announcing that they were keeping an eye on me. The light brought them to a stop. This is in the morning around 7:30.

Here is another picture this time of a police car closer than the first above. This one in particular is always around. He always seem to know where I am.


In reference to the picture above: I was walking home from school and stepped into a Chinese convenience store to purchase a can of sardines. I was looking around when a little boy entered. He looked around awkwardly – Children do not have much guile- and then left. I had become used to being followed around and suspected that he was sent to see if I was in there; I quickly went outside  and there was this police car. Like I said this kind of thing had become distressingly familiar. Of course I took a picture. This happened in 2016.

Let us now look at another picture or perhaps two more.

Recently I started going to a nearly gas station to use the atm. Then I noticed that a police would get there a few minutes after I arrived.

Not too long ago this guy arrived just as I was leaving. These pictures were taken around 5:00 pm.


 The evidence here presented is not hard evidence, but if it causes you to think then it has done its work.

There you can see the car up ahead. I am headed home and he has circled around; the picture shows him as he had just passed me. We are traveling in the opposite directions.


The picture below shows it a little better.



I have had my share of that and its distressing; I am walking.

The next photo is of a man who follows me around. He Has turned up at such disparate locations that chance cannot account for it; he is another one who seems to be without a moral anchor. It is not possible to tell if they are all working for the same person but they know where to find me. Some one keeps these people informed of where I am, and the information which gets to them has to come from inside.


Now this picture below is not clear at all. I had was going to best buy on the interstate I-75; walking from the train station to the store so approaching it from the back. A police car crossed the path in front going across my direction; not pleased since it was getting dark. I spent a while looking for an external battery for the phone and getting which was good and within my price range. I was going home now and walking towards the train station when this police car crossed in the opposite direction; disturbing since it was not night, and I was alone in a not too well lit area. I, not too happy with this situation, took out my camera and took a picture from the front since the back camera does not work. My hand was tremblling and I wanted to get  out of there for in that car was a man with a big gun. The picture is not clear at all but I will show it here to demonstrate that these guys do follow me around.


I took my picture and headed out of there to the light.

This picture below was taken from a cab. I had passed this policeman at Shady Brook  and Park Ln and was not surprised to see him behind me then drive just in front of us. I think he was following us. They, I think, have bugged my phone and can hear me when I order a taxi and other things. The taxi man asked me where I was going when I after he dropped me off; when i said downtown he asked me where specifically. I laughed it off. It is unusual for a taxi person to ask so pointedly about a portion of the journey which does not concern him at all. It is as if he had been primed to ask.


The picture below does not have the clarity I would like. You cans see a person standing by a police car.  I had been sitting down on the train going towards Lovers Lane Station. This gentleman came and plunked down right next to me, nearly squeezing to do so, even though there a number of empty spots nearby. I felt he was one of those who have been sent to follow me around. I was not sure. I got off at Lovers Lane and so did he. My bus sat there for a while and while waiting I saw the same man speaking with the police. It seems that he had been sent by the police.



This security guard came close and stood there for several minutes before moving on
It was almost as if he had been instructed to keep me in sight until I got
on the train. He was there for a while before I took the pictures. 

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