When an apartment does wrong

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Fumes Made to Enter My Apartment 

The Police Tell Mashty to Report on me 

About Five Apartments Involved

The Manager knew about the Fumes

The Education Gap and Teachers

The Money People Want it all

Using Unconventional Weapons on Me

This Cop Follows me Around

Was The Man Sent


Here you can see some pictures of how they track me


In early 2013 it seemed like the police were moving around much more than before. I disregarded it at first but after months it was not possible to dismiss it. At that time I was living on Gaston Avenue renting a room, and started having breathing difficulties. The room I rented was small and started feeling cramped. This combined with the breathing difficulties caused me to move to a new apartment, one on Ridgecrest Rd.

< Fumes Made to Enter My Apartment

Fumes Made to Enter my Apartment


It was at the Ridgecrest apartment that hell took place. Shortly after moving there the breathing difficulty which I had at the Gaston room started again. This went on for months, and at times i wondered if I was ill, but one thing always convinced me that the problem was not with me; every time I left the apartment the breathing difficulty stopped. After many complaints and many months the breathing problem stopped, confirming that there was something in the apartment which had caused it. But as soon as that stopped toxic fumes started entering the apartment, some of them were intense, making it difficult at times to stay in the apartment. At those times I would go outside and pray, then return to the apartment and try to bear with it. I complained to the managers but they just listened and did nothing. This lasted for more than a year and during that I sent emails to different groups such as the code department, who said they could do nothing about it. All this time the police were keeping up their tracking of me. Over and over I wondered if they knew of what was going on my apartment. I kept on seeking some reason for this treatment but at first it just did not add up.

Something of that nature should not have happened at all








Mashty and Police

All this time the police had continued their tracking of me, and indeed it got more intense. Mashty  (not his real name)  started hanging out at one of the apartments, mostly sitting outside the door with his phone glued to his hand. During one summer whenever I would go for a run or walk, the police would show up, right in my path, a few minutes after I left the apartment, and I felt it had to be Mashty who called them.

He started appearing at Wal-Mart when I went there and would come to the same shelf and isle where I was. One day he came behind me in a check out line. When I got home I could not find my wallet but he appeared with it about forty minutes later; I have never struggled so to say thanks. The next day I saw him laughing and talking to a policeman who was in his car. Clearly they were in league on what was happening in the apartment. At one  point Mashty seemed to go to Walmart whenever I went there.



About Five Apartments involved

There were people from about five different apartments who were involved in what was going on; they also served to watch what I was doing and report. What else they were told exactly I do not know but I am supposing it was a lie, since I was not doing anything unlawful. The involved apartments were near to my apartment; most likely they entered my apartment many times when I was away. They would have ample time to do many things which they instructed to do. Once I found some pictures, on my computer, taken by my primitive security camera, but they disappeared before I could decide what to do with them. This suggests that someone with computer skills was working with them, and  could access my computer and remove pictures. Very likely they entered my apartment a number of times; the pictures were then removed from my computer. These people were paid, I believe, and additionally they were also told something negative about me. The people who were paying were most likely people with deep pockets and they probably had a person who gave instructions to the people at the apartment.


The Manager knew about the Fumes

I called the health department and they agreed to send someone to look at my apartment. Just the day before he was scheduled to come, lo and behold  the fumes stopped and the next day when he appeared there was no discernible smell. I realized then that the manager had told the person who controlled the fumes, to stop; and that she had known all along. The health department informed her they were coming and she told the person who was putting the fumes into my apartment. That was a hideous  and painful realization, since I had been complaining to her for about a year.

The manager’s betrayal sent a pang to my soul for I had been feeling that she was not in it at all. It was then that I realized that they formed a group, Mashty and the others. The idea that a group of people working for a hostile entity, some of these people black like me, could enter my apartment and place mess in my food in my refrigerator, was painful. And those were not the only ones. There were people, who followed me around on the bus. In all this the role of the police gave much reason to think and wonder. But where once I had assumed they had nothing to do with the fumes which were entering my apartment, I started having second thoughts. There was, it seemed to me, in the background someone or more than one, with much money who was paying for all of that. Why?   .

Someone with quite a bit of money was in the background for it meant paying a number of people at the apartment, including the manager, and also to those who followed me around; and there were many. Mashty was only one. One night I went to family Dollar and an African came in behind me. He seemed like one, and was not buying much; what clinched it was that as soon as I left he came behind me nearly making contact.





The Education Gap and Teachers

For quite some time the question of the education gap and how to explain it has been going through my mind. This is important to me as we need all the trained people we can get in our poorer communities. There are far too many poor and minority students who are not making it. I turned to reading to try and understand, for not many people spoke about it. I became more and more convinced that teachers, in spite of any shortcomings, could not be the cause of the gap in performance. Numerous factors contributed to it; poverty, too many students per class, too many periods to teach, teachers had no control over curriculum, little ability to influence the policies of their school; having to follow rules which at times did not work for them.

I, in my writing, which at the time was mostly on my computer, advocated giving much greater respect to teachers, more autonomy, and a greater part in the decision making process at schools and in education in general. Somehow the extremely rich people had become aware of what I was writing and the police became involved.  As a result they proceeded to place all this tracking around me.

So then one has to conclude that the people who were behind this attack on my apartment were motivated by money considerations. They did not want anyone to support teachers since their plans involved reducing the role of the teacher as much as possible. Their profit lay in the direction of minimizing the importance of the teacher in education. More so a poor black man should not have anything to say.

There is a huge question though. What is the role of the police in the fumes which were entering my apartment?



The Money People Want it all

Looking at it one can conclude that someone or more, with big pockets, school privatizers, was/were paying a number of people to make my stay in the apartment a time of hell. The police, I surmise might have been told that I was a threat. They combined their efforts to to build a wall of people around me. They could then place things in my room when I was away, and communicate with whomever was calling the shots. The rich people, who did not wish me to write, engineered it that one person would let the fumes, or vapors into my apartment, which would make it difficult for me to work for long. They intended to slowly destroy me.

These people want control of the public school system among other things; they prefer the poor to remain just consumers,  and do not care about the quality of the education system. Their heart is not really in education for they do not want people to think for themselves. They do not seem to care about how the United States will fare against other countries so long as they can control the system to their benefit. They do not care about the progress of minorities.

I do not know who the money people who are paying but the nearest for profit company belongs to the Waltons and it is possible they are behind it. I of course have no hard evidence of that, but it is a little bit more than a hunch. What emerges is they don’t care for education and maybe not even the minorities they want in their schools; their concern is purely for the money.

In my new apartment on Park Lane I can see someone engineering the same set up which existed on Ridgecrest Road, with similar intent; to slowly destroy me. That is one reason for my writing this since it needs to be made as public as possible.



The police have a difficult job to do, putting their lives on the line and sometimes dying in the line of duty. I have great respect for the people who work as policemen and policewomen. It therefore with a conflicted feeling that I say they might have been in some way involved with the fumes entering my apartment. The rule of law forbids the law enforcement to act as judge. Nations which abide by the rule of law require that the court be the avenue for deciding when an individual should be punished, when there is something to be punished for.



When the Police Follows you Around

The main point here is to understand that these rich people are using the system to intimidate and shut down discussion of school privatizing. They do not want us talking about it.

You should read this Blog; taking away our rights of expression.



I  was going to work along the street when he exited onto the street at light speed; if not for the stop light he would have taken off in flight. Quickly I took a picture. Not the best pic but you can see it is a police car.

There is the police car which had just exited at warp speed from an apartment, nearly running me over in the process but announcing that they were keeping an eye on me. The light brought them to a stop. This is in the morning around 7:30.

Picture 1

Picture 1 (Above) 

This Cop Follows me Around

This refers to picture 2.  This guy seems to be in the center of it all, and is always able to find me. One wonders what his role is an all this, coordinator? He could be in communication with the people who live near me, giving the appearance of legitimacy to whatever he is asking them to do.

Just before winter (2017) break he passed me one rainy morning probably making sure I am on the way to school. He can then go back to the complex and confer and plan with his followers, probably have someone enter the apartment and look for what they think they want. About a week later he passed right by my stairs at about 6:30 in the morning; I was getting ready to leave for school. As late as January 08 2018 he was following me around passing me three times, going up and down. He seems to have some one he works with at the apartment.


Picture 2

In reference to the picture above: I was walking home from school and stepped into a Chinese convenience store to purchase a can of sardines. A little boy entered looking around awkwardly – Children do not have much guile- and then left. I suspected that he had been sent to see if I was in there; I quickly went outside  and there was this police car. Like I said this kind of thing had become distressingly familiar. I took a picture. This happened in 2016. Pictures 2, 3, 4, 7 are probably the same person.

Let us now look at another picture or perhaps two more.

We are now speaking of Picture  3 

Recently I started going to a nearly gas station to use the atm. Then I noticed that a police would get there a few minutes after I arrived.

Not too long ago this guy arrived just as I was leaving. These pictures were taken around 5:00 pm. I believe this is the same person, as the individual above.


                                             Picture  3

The evidence here presented is not hard evidence, but if it causes you to think then it has done its work.

There you can see the car up ahead. I am headed home and he has circled around; the picture shows him as he had just passed me. We are traveling in the opposite directions.


Picture 4

Picture 4

The picture below shows it a little better.


Picture  5

I have had my share of that and its distressing.

Picture 6

The next photo is of a man who follows me around. He Has turned up at such disparate locations that chance cannot account for it. It is not possible to tell if they are all working for the same person but they know where to find me. Some one keeps these people informed of where I am, and the information which gets to them has to come from inside.


Picture 6

This refers to Picture 7

Now this picture below is not clear at all. I was going to best buy approaching the store from the back. A police car crossed the path in front going across my direction; not pleased since it was getting dark. I spent a while then left for home when this guy passes, slowly, in front of me again. It was night, uncomfortable, and with trembling hands I took out my camera and took this picture and moved out of there.


Picture 7



Below we are talking about pic 8

This picture below was taken from a cab. I had passed this policeman at Shady Brook  and Park Ln and was not surprised to see him behind me then drive just in front of us. I think he was following us. They, I think, have bugged my phone and can hear me when I order a taxi and other things. The taxi man asked me where I was going when I after he dropped me off; when i said downtown he asked me where specifically. I laughed it off. It is unusual for a taxi person to ask so pointedly about a portion of the journey which does not concern him at all. It is as if he had been primed to ask.


Picture 8


Was The Man Sent

We are now talking about pic 9

The picture below does not have the clarity I would like. You cans see a person standing by a police car.  I had been sitting down on the train when this gentleman came and plunked down right next to me, even though there a number of empty spots nearby. Immediately I felt he was one of those who have been sent to follow me around. I was not sure.  I got off and sat in my bus and while waiting I saw the same man speaking with the police. It seems that he had been sent by the police. A number of incidents like these have had me worried about the position of the police in all this.


Picture 9 (Above)

This security guard came close and stood there for several minutes before moving on
It was almost as if he had been instructed to keep me in sight until I got
on the train. He was there for a while before I took the pictures. 


Picture 10 (Above)


Using Unconventional Weapons on Me

Using unconventional Weapons on Me: microwave guns.

For some three years, starting at the Ridgecrest Address, I had been experiencing at certain parts of the apartment sudden terrible feelings. I moved to a Park Lane apartment.

At the Park Lane apartment where I presently live, the primary weapon, in my best judgement, has changed and the reliance has been on the use of either Electromagnetic waves or a infrasonic weapon. In this video he explains that Raytheon had been working on a hand held microwave which would be available for the police. Here is the url: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJvRHxOtSJI

Here in this you tube he discloses that police will be getting access to a handheld microwave weapon that Raytheon has been working on.

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves in the range 30 cm, 1GHz, to ! mm, 300 GHz.



A Threat, Deep

At work, one day an individual came to me and immediately stated telling me about the existence of buildings, in all states, where they put people, certain ones. This her brother, who had worked as a law man, had told her and he was knowledgeable. The individual spoke for about ten or fifteen minutes, explaining how they and why they remove people and put them away; and then the person left. I was speechless, since this came at the height of all the problems; my jaw stayed on the ground for a while.


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